Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Tired R4n7

State of The H47 time kids.

My show Treasure Island got canceled due to scheduling conflicts. Don't ever believe that you don't need actors do do a show . . . unless you have a couple months to re-write the show. That was a major bummer but I had been staring at that bullet from day one, I just couldn't "Neo" out of the way. First it wasn't getting approved, so I ended up waiting till AFTER spring semester had ended to do auditions, THEN not being a student/other local theatre/the film pulled about a dozen actors from my potential pool, after that it still took two whole months to get a full approval. Once we were green light he had no idea where some of our designers were as well as losing a few to not being students anymore. And finally, couldn't get enough actors to do the show as written with not enough time to overhaul the script.*

My work only had two employees for a good two weeks so I have been working 9 day weeks. Thankfully we finally hired some new guys but training takes a solid two weeks under good conditions AND our boss lady decides to take a week off. So me and "not new guy anymore" get to play shop keep until the end of the week. We are running low on paper towels, small change and Mt. Dew, things are getting dire and it's only Tuesday.

My lovely fiance has been ASM with a local stage company and she loves her some cast parties. And me, being a paranoid/concerned other half would rather be with her at every cast function in order to; reap the benefits of an inebriated S.O., be designated driver, provide buzz killing services, than be at home resting after full days of work staying out til 3 A.M. Then having to open at 10, with a 45 minute commute, plus I'm slow as molasses when it comes to my morning rituals.

*looks up* Wow, wasn't that a glorious bitchfest? Want more? Well shut your damn dirty mouth, you're getting more.
My mother killed her car, because for some reason the women in my family treat cars like . . . something thats gonna last for a while but as soon as it breaks down they just buy another one thats old and busted but cheap as hell (because its already old and busted) and continue to not maintain it. SO, instead of taking the 95 Explorer that is already where they live (2hours from me and not far enough) the Matriarchs decide I need to give up my van (which I've branded with the Horde symbol, given a name too and put over a thousand dollars into over the last 2ish years). The breakdown goes, my mom gets grandmas newer 07ish subaru impreza (too much power for my mom to be responsible with), my grandma gets my van(which she has killed the battery on in less than two days because she doesn't know what the "radio only" setting is below the off position where the ignition is), and I get the decade and a half old behemoth which is dirty as a Boy Scout camp out on a dusty road, has spiders living in it (they respin the web at night and I have to clean them when I leave for work in the morning. it's a little game we play), with dog snot on the back windows, rotting banana peels on the floorboard and jumbo size granny panty pads in the armrest cubby. Yeah, tastes good in your brain doesn't it?

Anyway. To make up for this I'm throwing up TWO Meme-orables this week. A lot of WoW, but it's cross cultural so should be entertaining even if your not a BlizzDrone

*oh yeah, somebody died too. Nobody ON the show, but I still like to mention that fun fact.

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