Tuesday, November 3, 2009

3rd 4 t3h nrrd, Nov. '09

This month, we bring you a lady of Nerdcore, A chick of geek chic, a hotty of N-Hip-hop!


Throwing down hot rhymes, this slim siren has a distressingly short set list as far as I can find. She has the speed and the smarts for some fantastic verses, and she's in good with numerous big names in Nerdcore. Just a few are YTCracker, Badd Spellah, and Ultrakystron.

Riding Rhyme Torrents her talent became obvious to me and I've enjoyed all of her work since. She is aware of her power as an attractive female geek, and has fun with it.

Musically, she holds it down. when She's on stage she is confidant and accurate. Whether live or recorded her energy translates to the listener. She has a decent ear to rhythm, pitch and tone which is maintained in the live videos I've seen. Also, her content is deliciously fun in it's geekyness. Ranging from Harry Potter fetishes to using leveling metaphors for getting it on to just plain pwning lil'boy geeklings.

From my research, she seems to have some personal issues and I haven't found hide nor hair of her on the webs for months now. This is unfortunate. Nursehella? Get better and come back? You're a rockin chick and as far as I'm concerned worthy of the Nerdlinger mantle.

She pops up in "Nerdcore Rising" as well as "Nerdcore For Life." Both of which are documentaries, I have a copy of "Rising," and "For Life" has not been released yet. Often touring with Ultra, I now await too see if she's gone the way of Optimus Rhyme, or has just been laying low to throw out a geekgasmic bomb of beats upon her unsuspecting fanboys.

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