Friday, November 13, 2009

Meme-Orables: Memeingful Interactions

Around May/June '09 I decided to increase my net presence by joining a bunch of social networks. Since then I have been reminded why I disdain many people and their issues. I have discussed this phenomena with some friends and I think many might share my view that if you're going to post your soul for everyone to see . . . . .
*looks down at soapbox* balls, where did that come from? Um, short and concise . . . I have some of my soul up here. I've read it a few times and am prepared for whatever comments might come up. I feel they are entertaining/give an insight into the mind that is blabbering around here, and they have not scared off any of my readers. (the whole handful of you!) Maybe I will go into this more later, somewhere else . . .

The POINT! Oh, there it is! Back when I used to frequent less than savory forums and message boards where the cruel rule of schoolyard logic and bullying ruled, we developed harsh yet concise manners of conduct and if they weren't followed, everyone let you know what you did. Blathering, Flaming, generally being a whiny, stupid noob was not only frowned upon, but attacked. To be honest, I miss some of these times and as such, got nostalgic about some of the relics from that time. I have dug them out and present them here. Two of my favorite standbys. As well as a catchy song to get you into the mood.

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