Friday, November 27, 2009

Meme - Orable: memeet the . . .

DAT! DAT! DehDAH!!! duhnduhnduhn DOW!

Meet the "Meet The . . . " Series! From one of my favorite press campaigns ever, Valve's promos for Team Fortress Classic 2 are definitely a staple in most gamer-geeks quotable arsenal.

I was going to post my 2 favorites, but all of them are my favorite.

GO HERE! OR HERE!!! for info & the movies.

Dear Valve, release "Meet the Medic & the Pyro" KKTHNXBAI

(apparently, Rumor has it, the Pyro is a chick. geek superstition. Samus, style. yeah.)


"If you were from, where I was from? You'd be fuckin dead."

You smarter than bullet?

"Pransin aboot wit yer hed fulla eyebulls . . *maniacal laughter*"

okay, maybe post one. here, stick this in your piehole!

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