Tuesday, December 1, 2009


Regularly scheduled programing is interrupted for the next week or so, due to school. Maybe while I am at work I can get some blogging done, but as for right now, I apologize for the lull, but please feel free to read some of the old posts, I do try to make them relevant, regardless of time reference. See you on the flip side. I do have 2-3 regular Blog posts planned and as many Meme-orables, so there is content, just not finished. please feel free to comment or email if you NEED content, finished or no. Any sort of communication between myself, and you, the reader(all 8 of you) is appreciated (so far).


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  1. School, work, school, work, gosh that is a sucky life, but I'm stuck in it too. Hate that I barely get anytime with Ethan anymore, unless it's the weekend. But either way both are important. More important than blogging,lol.