Friday, December 4, 2009


Taking a short break from academics to recharge metal batteries, my usual net trolling has dredged some fantastic things I wish to present here.

Thanks to the people I follow on Twitter (like The Front), Topless Robot (a wonderfully geeky blog with outrageously constant content), as well as a few other places I've seen them linked and referenced.

dude, for reals, this looks cool. I'm not entirely sure it has the potential for longevity, but the hook is clean, the ideas look concise. watch it, please.

SLINGERS from Mike Sizemore on Vimeo.

Panic Attack
(yet another -in developement- video. So, why some superior race/alien force, would attack some South American city, that may or may not pass a as a regional capitol, is the only question that haunts me, but other than that. very cool. stick it in your eye hole)

The ONLY Team Edward for me.
A while back Battle Star Galactica was having some sort of contest to have dinner with him and one of the ladies from the show, or some such. I wanted to enter, but the whole time I'd be like "Oh, ma'am, you look pretty. *rapid refocus on EJO* Dude, you were El Pachuco, and 'chemo.' You are my ethnic/proffesional hero. teach me your SECRATS!!!"

And last but not least. Remember to educate your elders and less-tech-savy members of your family on what things are and how they work . . . or else . . . .

And crap, half an hour later, I finish my 5 minute post. Maybe I should just sacrifice today and post 3rd nrrd, and a new Blog. hope this holds you over.

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