Thursday, December 3, 2009

A Geek of a Certain Stripe

I know in the past I have discussed the labels of Nerd, Dork, Geek, and even within those labels, which I have heard used interchangeably as well as set in stone definitions, there are many variations. I have tried my best to break down and define these for others as well as give concise addendum where necessary, and very rarely, I am asked, "what kind of Geek/Nerd are you?"

My usual short answer is a table top, gamer, fantasy - geek, and I think that is the type of nerdery that holds the most influence in my life, but like most things this is by no means the sum of all my HP.
I know many geeks who partake of SO MUCH more table top than I do, board game obsessed heathens, as well as, I am by no means a h4rdcore l337 e-p33n console gamer, and, ask me to rattle off more than 10 fantasy authors without using any from more than 50 years ago and I would be hard pressed (I'm working on it though).

By now you might think, "h47, WhereTF is this going?" well, it stems from a little blurb I wrote a while back as I was musing, as I am wont to do.

"I am an odd -geek/nerd- I'm a humanities Nerd, not a Science geek. I am very much an arts geek, not a "science is a verb" person. But I like to think I appreciate those beautiful mechanics, perfect complexities, are lovely too."

Maybe what this ramble is trying to go on about is not only what kind of geek I am not, but that even though all of us have some nerd proclivities, we need to remember that almost all nerdereys are valid, not just our own.
I think there is a definite reason I hear the term "nerdrage" bandied about so often as of late. We do get very worked up and angry, but we need to remember what is worth getting riled up for.
There are appropriate reasons to be passionate but remember to use some critical thinking, make sure your arguments are worth presenting, and then cohesive.

Sorry if this is a little heavy or muddled, I'm getting a headache and ready to call it a night. Don't Worry, a new 3rd 4 t3h NRRD is primed for Oct. and next week's post should be a lot more light hearted.
Stay Nerdy my Friends.

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