Saturday, December 12, 2009

3rd 4 t3h nrrd, Dec. '09

I know, it's not the 3rd. Get over it. moving on . . . .

Ladies and Gentlemen, I give you, the King of Nerdcore, an innovator in NerdRap, YTCracker!

This pale poet is among the most hard of the nerdcore element. Actually prosecuted for hacking crimes, he is a true Digital Gangster.
For detailed accounts you can go here, heyer, and NYAH!

Musically, YT is a rapper extraordinaire. A very -true- rapper, his content is always straight forward and practical. The subjects are just as telling about his life and times as mainstream artists, they just happen to be from a very nerdy G. While more well known performers will speak about tough times on the streets and their illicit activities, YTCracker has just as many songs about his hacking days, his struggles as a musician and is a prolific member of SpamTec Crew.

His samples and beats are excellently crafted. Whether producing original loops, borrowing from police station sound files, or Pirating from well known entertainment (turn this one up LOUD, i roll to this ALL the time) houses, the sounds slam you hard, and keep thumping till you can't take anymore.

As a wordsmith, he holds it down with a practiced and confident flow. I don't often hear anything overly complicated or lighting fast, but I don't think he needs to spaz through a song to keep it going. I believe he has an excellent sense of timing, pitch, and tune, and the songs are sick every time.

Currently he has been touring nationwide with MC Lars and Kay Flay, and is always producing more content.

Here's to YTCracker, stay l337, please don't hack me!

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