Tuesday, December 8, 2009

2 pigs, 2 families, 1 rock, 1 boat, 7 days, 1 question, & 1 BIG ANSWER!

And that's not even the half of it.

At some point during summer '08 a conversation consisting of T1nk/theatreg33k saying "You know, we don't have to get married very soon, but an extended engagement might be nice."

I let these words ferment, stew, roll around, and otherwise haunt me for about a month until in September of the same year I resolved to ask the big question.

Now, not many people may realize, that there are certain institutions and traditions that I think should be approached with utmost sincerity. In short, I aint fuckin around at this point.

Early October we went to Blizzcon and it was there that I threw down the idea to some trusted confederates and began researching ideas for where and how I would Take A Knee.
In case you missed it, Blizzcon '08 was held in Anaheim, which is conspicuously close to Disneyland and we spent quite a bit of time there that weekend. I had heard about the "free B-day pass" promo that year and a plan began to formulate, grow, nay, INFEST my brain.

So, as of mid-October, Thee Plan, was to propose as we got off the jungle cruise ride with all friends and family I could finagle into coming as witnesses. This all under the guise of a "Big B-day week" because she was turning *incoherent mumbling of an age between 15 and 200 years old* and I usually have a big weekend party for my own birthday. It was only fair. This was the story I kept telling close friends so that on the off chance I had to call it off they would be understanding. Yet, telling people made me feel it was doable, and it gave me some time to hear it out loud and really consider if it was the step I wanted to take.
Fast forward to late November, I started saving up a chunk of cash, and committed to calling The Mouse and seeing if he could "huho" hook me up.

First, I had to do it up all proper, I asked her folks if I could take them out to dinner for a "Christmas Present" and ask for their blessing. They said yes. I then called my folks to see if they approved, they did. Parents averted!
I then started telling MORE people because it was kind of awesome. Finally in February '09 I called Disneyland. IT WAS GREAT! The people at the park were totally cool and ready to help however I needed. Next thing I knew, I had a private boat on the jungle cruise set up, a section reserved for our family for lunch at one of the restaurants and Dinner at the Blue Bayou for later.
"Dude H47? how much did you throw down for all the special services?" Not a cent! We even got one of our old college friends who works there part time, to be the skipper of our boat. (Did I mention our Friend is a big time Hollywood Voice Actress? If you need an awesome voice let her know . . )

So, as of February, the plan was get our crew on the boat, get to the backside of water, drop to the knee, Bob's your uncle, we're engaged! I drag T1nk to the Blue Bayou, I'm awesome, Disney Land IS the happiest place on earth (unless you're a small child between the hours of 3 &5 pm, cause that shit is nap time.)

I get the ring from Shane Co., I get it "future Maid of Honor" approved, I'm showing it off to everybody, telling everybody the scheme, this thing is getting big. I keep the ring hidden in my Special Edition Burning Crusade box, the big ass one? fit perfect. it was creepy.

At some point T1nk's Manager decided to be cheeky and say "hey, wanna know what hes getting you for your birthday? . . . Pot Belied Pig." Even more horrifying was T1nk's reply, "Awesome! They're so CUTE!"
What else could I do? I verified. "Yeah, the trouble is gonna be sneaking it in to the park as a "seeing eye pig."
She wanted to name the fictitious pig Wilbur, I suggested AndEggs. Later that same week, we were out at a bar with a bunch of other friends, I was recounting the story so far and somehow it became TWO pigs.
Now I've got my friends harboring pork at various locations so as to keep T1nk off the trail. I know, we're so clever.

At some point I asked T1nk what she thought it really was, and she guessed it BUT she was like "but I don't want to think that's what it is in case it's not." So, this wont be a huge surprise apparently, but it still was, just watch.

The week of her B-day rolls around and it's time to get to Anaheim. I have the stinkin thing hidden in a compartment in the Shenani-Van, praying she doesn't decide to look for the roadside kit. (what?! I'm paranoid.) We get to the hotel and a week of vacation starts off without a hitch.
(I love to stand in front of the train station and look out upon the park. Very nostalgia/inspiring/romantic[not in the sexy sense, as in the movement])

The day came for it all to be set up. The jungle crew knew what time we we're supposed to be there, private boat and all. we had a section of one of the restaurants all reserved for our group for lunch before hand. We got a birthday gift card for T1nk (you had an option of three items for b-day, it was cool) and I was like, Until noon, its all you! We rode some rides, ate, and we hit the jungle cruise at 3pm! The total group was my mom, my g-ma, my sister, my cousin, her mom, her dad, our friends Epyon Avenger, The Blave and two of his female friends, PievuhG, L1 and L2, with Voice Actress as our skipper. Apparently there was a boat mishap and Voice Actress had to hijack a boat that wasn't hers (we're so pirates) and off we steamed/motored/rolled. Voice Actress laid down a great string of horrible jokes that the ride is famous for, we get to the back of the waterfall, and she says "and now, the moment "H4773r" has been waiting for (all his life? i dont remember exactly, cut me some slack, I was stressing soooo hard right then.)" I dropped to my knee, pulled the box, T1nk was like "WTF" then I asked . . . .

(Video border in "obnoxious-puke green" in T1nks honor)

The boat took off again, cheering and incoherent congratulations accompanied us to the dock, Voice Actress valiantly tried to lay her best jokes on us for the end of the voyage and we disembarked.

Pics were taken in a very convenient alcove I had not noticed till then, and PievuhG had a special gift for us . . .

T1nk and I split off from the group to giver her some time to recover form
the shock, text/tweet everyone we knew what had happened. We wandered
over to the Blue Bayou in time for our dinner, and did whatever she
wanted the rest of the trip.

Once more, I'd like to thank all our family and friends for helping me make
this happen and for all of your support. We will be setting the date
for the big day on T1nk's NEXT birthday, and it will most likely be a
year-2 years from then.

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