Tuesday, December 22, 2009

H47 Really Does Exist

Due to those pesky "Real Life," or RL, concerns, such as School, employment, employment projects and people dying(Yeah, somebody died unexpectedly. we're all okay, thanks for your thoughts &/or prayers, OR NOT, it's cool. but yeah) I have been lax in my bloggering. . . blagedness . . . blogeren-ning?

Worry not! Once the Seasonmas Wintoliday's have passed around our fetid carbon pile once more I should have some more time to dedicate to slathering the intartubes with my depraved obscenities.

I have a few things in store. Like what? you may ask?

"Mercutio Complex"

"Sexy Ideas"

"Geek of a Certain stripe"

and, MORE MEME-ORABLES!! many of which will be WoW-centric. WOOHOO!!

Stay tuned!


  1. Interesting titles....Mercutio Complex??? Are you still into shakespeare? A semester of straight studying it and I don't want to pick up another one his plays for awhile.

  2. It's actually a turn of phrase I came up with recently. It's not Shakespeare specific, but yes, as I continue my journey to a B.A. in Theatre Arts I endure The Bard.
    I think a semester of intensive Will might be fun. I enjoyed it back during H English in High School, and even the scansion we did in Voice and Diction was vaguely gratifying.
    Lord knows many in the department believe it should be part of the required curriculum. I agree, considering it's such a large chunk of the English Stage tradition. But those English Major/professors people need to get over it. They're PLAYS, not short stories.

  3. I guess it depends on how the class is run. I hated that our assignments were just basically re-hashing the plays in a short summary. I had expected us to thoughly pick each one apart and was dissappointed that was part of the course. Goes to show you how crappy some of Delta's classes are.