Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Halloween 09

Great, I spent one of the coolest holidays in The Valley (do streetview, its inspiring, NOT) without the aid of my fiance. The better half got sick, most likely the flue and she was actually looking forward to coming along and doing some pumpkin carving. Oh well. I managed to crack one of my own out. Wow-heads, look familiar? Eh?

All was not lost. My little sister was entertaining as I dragged her, her 2 friends and my other through the streets of the small burg harassing people for candy. I also managed to pull out a neat costume thanks to Theatreg33k by way of GeekGirlDiva. GGD gave Theatreg33k a present at SDCC09 and then T-g33k allowed me to create this rockin/easy costume . . . .
I was a "Buy More Ass. Man." After extensive research of the show Chuck, the best I could gather was that these shirts don't actually exist in that world. (they were an Entertainment Earth San Diego Comic Con Exclusive) The management in at Buy More sport slightly fancier duds than their peons. Minus of course, the Nerd Herd (shout out to my boy Moose, rockin the little car)
So, I whipped up a lame nametag in Paint and- BAM! instant amusing anecdote and costume for use in the future.

Happy Halloween, hope yours was better than mine, cause it could have been much worse.


  1. You got to do more than me, my son's father was supposed to have him my b-day weekend so I could go out and have an awesome time in San Fran, but alas my ex got sick with the swine flu and I got Ethan. We still had an ok time taking him out trick or treating, but still...

  2. Lol, got my new tat and saw at the smoke shop one of those ass man tags. Cracked me up. I pointed it out to Brent too.