Wednesday, June 2, 2010

A Fitting Anniversary

One whole stinking year of regular updates and sub-quality posts.

Yay me & my brain!

Since I'm already posting a 3rd 4 t3h Nrrd I figure I can do a cop out one year post and link to some of my favorite posts form the last year. Give them a peak wont you? I've been as clever as I am now as I was a year ago. Real convincing, I know.
-get the down low on what's up high on/in my head
-my monthly nerd music focus, this one on Front

Meme-Orable: Memeet the . . .
-amusing meme from a Valve classic

-a break down on some concepts I like

Know Your Roll . . . In WoW: DPS
-pep talk around why random dungeons have 20 min queues

Here's hoping for many more of these shameless self-plugging annual recaps!

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