Thursday, March 17, 2011

Memeorable: Meme-unchies

So, I know I may have said in the past I don't particularly enjoy slam poetry, but let me share an exception to the average.
Many years back, when I was in High School, one of our theatre compatriots, perhaps even Mario, regaled us with a particularly amusing monologue which he then revealed was actually a slam poetry piece he had heard.
Back then we had a cassette tape recording of it (yes, I know, OLD, cassette tapes for crying out loud, who does that?) and didn't care anymore to find out more about it.
Fast Forward a couple years and I was wondering what to do for an audition piece and thought it would be a hoot to dig up this old story and throw it out on stage. So I had a grand ol' time rooting around the intarwebs and FINALLY found it, in all its glory.
Apparently, homeboy is a local legend in San Jose so I can count him as a fellow coastal/bay area artist, so enough blab, here is performing "Soul Food," enjoy, it's delicious.

and THAT"S why we never have anything to eat, at my house!

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