Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Put A Beat Under It

So, I have a confession to make, I don't particularly like Slam Poetry, Spoken Word, or even most poetry, really.
Now, hold up, I DO like SOME poetry, and I do like SOME slam poetry, and even some spoken word. I totally acknowledge that it is an art, a performance art, a viable expression of discourse that should be respected as such.

I, however, have a hard time getting into it, and have honestly never attended any such activities, nor had the inclination to.

And yet, I have this unwavering obsession with Hip-Hop and rap. To even go further, anyone remember back in the late 90's/early "double ots" (2000-2005) when there were a few spoken word poems floating around alternative stations that were like affirmations or that awesome etymology of the "F" word?
(Hey look, I found 'em)

These were great, I enjoyed them. It just seems strange to me that rap and hip hop, something I've been under the impression has shared roots and definite parallels in execution and design, have such appeal to me?

Perhaps it's because when you take the time to craft music and mix it it feels more polished and more well put together? If the "lyrics" suck I can always listen to the music? Or maybe I just haven't had the proper exposure? Maybe I need to immerse myself more in the culture to enjoy it, I know that happened when I took a "Worlds of Jazz" I found some things in that music form that made it more enjoyable. Perhaps I was working under the assumption my previous encounters were samples of exemplary pieces? I could very well be mistaken, and as shown by the few pieces I DO enjoy, its not ALL lame, to me.
Ah, mysteries of the universe, you confuse me so, perhaps a more coherent conclusion next time, but then, those are probably not the things you come to MY blog for eh?

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