Thursday, March 3, 2011

3rd 4 t3h Nrrd: March '11

Nerdcore Now, a compilation of several Nerdcore artists from across the intarwebs comes strong with their first release covering everything from scene drama, to a six minute epic as the characters from Hitch Hiker's Guide.

Here's a taste, one of my fave tracks on the entire collection. I've got this one just about memorized.

The refreshed RhymeTorrents site in it's new incarnation as Nerdcore Now is keeping High-C's dream alive by supplying a constant stream of Nerdcore News, Downlaods, and a forum to discuss Geeky raps.
Piloted by Danger Aaron (whom I am extrapolating due to his profile says he's the webmaster and Admin of the boards, so, Kudoos to him for this undertaking) the new guard seems to be keeping it calm by keeping it simple and I don't know if there is a new system or if the submissions are getting better but the crop seems to be improving since the days of HamStar. Not to say I don't feel HamStar has his place in music or the internet, I just agree with many others in that perhaps a "serious" Nerdcore Hip-Hop compilation was not the place for him to be spread around.

So, any whip, go snag those fesh new nerdy beats and stick em in your ear hole. While here I shout atop the Inter-tubes, "Rhyme Torrents is Deader than Nerdcore! Long Live Rhyme Torrents, Long Live Nerdcore Now!"

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