Friday, July 17, 2009

Anime Amusement

(An expansion of a 10 second review I gave at my last job to some costumers who are now good acquaintances. You know who you are, "sport/sparky" )

Lately I have been attempting to boost my anime intake. The current surge started earlier this year in hopes and an attempt to be a little more well versed by the time Fanime '09 hit. So, I started with an anime house I know and love, Gainax . So, I went through the catalog in the Wikki ( I know, I know, wikki is like that guy you hang out with who's always right and knows everything, and is usually basing what he knows on truth but the fucker hasn't even graduated college yet, gee, sounds a lot like me. Maybe that's why I like it. But anyway, its a good enough start for me.)

I have ingested Neon Genesis: Evangelion (good luck with just that link, if you don't know already, you might want to take a few days to fully explore it.) previously, as my first full anime, and I loved it. More on that later, as well as FLCL, um . . . same as I said with EVA, and so my choice was colored.

More recently I lovingly consumed Otaku no Video which continues to be a staple of the Otaku condition in my eyes. Then Ebichu which is ridiculous awesome, but try and find translations w/explanations cause there's a lot of cultural/wordplay goin on in that shit.

And then, ah yes, Tengen Toppa Gurren Laggan .

(near exact quote from conversation)
"You remember how Eva was like, rape your brain and leave you broken in an alley and never calls you back? well Gurren, Gainax's only Mecha since then, it takes you out for a lovely dinner, takes you back to it's place, then fucks you in your ear hole, but at least uses lube and says it will call if you want it to. And you do, oh do you!"

I was at both Gurren events at Fanime, and they were awesome. There are better documented occurrences of them than I could post, but I don't know where they are, maybe I will post them later, but, I will say this.

h47 Asking the panelists questions in rapid fire japanese is CHEATING!

I have since moved on to milking the series Melody of OBlivion . Its not as awesome as Gurren or Eva, yet, but its very old school, combines several elements that don't make sense together. I dig the music, the art style, makes me feel nostalgic when I watch it, like I'm 16 again watching eva in VHS all alone. odd.

Yeah, I think it was Mjerk who told me this, but I use it still to this day. The recipe for any good anime is at least 3 things that don't go together. Eva? Kids, mechs, theology. (yes theres many more) Cowboy BeBop? Kids, space ships, Yakuza. The list just goes on.

Aright, im bloggered out. More later.


  1. nice use of the avenger's commentary...

  2. Avengers commentary? where, that rant was pure h47, baby.