Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Mad, Slick Beats and L337 Lyrical Feats

"Nerdcore Hip Hop Could reign supreme!" Its true, MC Frontalot, Nerdcore, the online, musical phenomenon could become a lucrative musical genre. It's more or less geeky rap. Hip Hop about everything from apple computers to zordon. A great place to start is either the wiki page on it, or HERE!! ,, has many up to date releases in the geeky hip hop world.
I have been exposed to this subculture since about '06, thanks to my buddy - Brad_again - who showed me THIS VIDEO which led me too THIS SITE and I now own the DVD. (S.G.I.S.Con 3.5 was Nerdcore themed and featured a showing of the movie.)
At first I ate up every single piece of music I could find, like anyone would do with a new obsession, but I think I have now distilled most that I had been exposed to some of my top choices, as well as the stuff that, well, musically, sucks, regardless of content.
Due to my enthusiasm and wish to see this culture thrive and become stable, I intend to do a Nerdcore Artist of the week, maybe call it Weekly Geek Beat, or something, maybe Monthly, it is a small culture. WE shall see, wont we?

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