Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Old R4n7 (4-17-08)

R4n7 4-17-08

as for me, lord, where to start. well, horny beyond belief, but thats nothing new, damn hormones . . . im only in 2 classes this semester and im still finding it hard to go to them regularly. screen writing is interesting, im working on a semi-autobiographical script chronicling my break up with my ex as well as the rekindling of my love for thaetre, very deep, meaningful and dramatic . . . I HATE IT! i lived it, i dont want to relive it again, thats why i play warcraft and D&D and play dress up no less than 3 times a year.

Speaking of Warcraft, good lord am i addicted. and now, 2 of my friends who dont even play WoW are hooked on the card game, its like Magic The Gathering, only for WoW and they want to play constantly. poor guy,
one of em, (The Blave), has played all the original Real Time strategy versions of Warcraft, so he knows all this back story, but he's never played WoW so hes always like "but hat makes no sense in the old games, this and this was this way" so Tink(theatreg33k) and I have to explain to him "NO! no making sense anymore, WoW has ruined any semblance of plot the game had, get over it!"
But yeah, WAY too much time spent playing that, ive got my 70 mage doing dailies constantly, and a 65 hunter im finally getting up to 70, and a 42 war i need to get up to outland so that guild can get raiding.

THE OTHER class is advanced acting, and well, it should be "excersices and coaching for acting" cause all we do is read scripts, listen to the proffesor, do scenes and play acting games.

I am sound designing for not only a high school show (the odd couple, female version), but for a "real" theatre company, Arclight Theatre and i'll be doing the sound for Twelfth Night, so that should be fun.

ALSO, i recently got a job at Armor-geddon, and i should start monday, that's gonna be interesting. It's gonna be like working at a corporate comic shop, the guy who hired me is really gun-ho about making the store into something great and caring about the store and the product, as well as making sales, in order to keep the store afloat. so more of a commitment then i was looking for in a store, but thats okay, it should be good for me, and i like that in a management staff.

so thats whats up with me.


  1. I've always wondered why you went to San Jose State instead of some other more prestige college of acting like University of the Pacific or UCLA or what's the one in San Fransisco? Alyssa from MHS went there for awhile. Anyways reasosning for asking is because from your description of your advanced acting class sounds so dull. Even at Delta the basic classes are more exilariting than that. Mostly because Ms.D always let old students come back in and teach us some of what they learned from being on their own or from the Stockton Civic Theater. I should get you in contact with my cousin Jeffery. He used write scripts all the time and some movie group wanted to sign him for one of them. I don't ever know what happend with that, it was like one minute he was on a roll with his writing and the next he was married and working as an electrician.

  2. meh, a few parts apathy, and a few parts negligence, my constant downfall. I didn't turn in my SAT II's to any of the UC circuit schools, and I never auditioned/applied to any private schools.
    The adv. acting class bit was more of a commentary on the professor than the program.
    More and more I'm being constantly reminded, it's not where you went to school, or what grades you got, it's who you know and what you've done. This applies to almost all aspects of life, not just the performance world.