Friday, June 12, 2009

Maintaining Youth

This will be a repeated theme, I'm sure.
Growing up sucks, ooh, real ground breaking, I know. But, I have found many people have managed to circumvent the ravages of adultship and maintained an immature lifestyle, I also seek this status.
A couple nifty things Theatreg33k poked for me this very morning include SCIENCE!! which is pretty funny, we have many friends who need TONS of these badges. as well as, well, One of the more obvious perpetrators of my childishness. I see a Scout theme. hrmm . . I blame the Pixar film UP as well as the fact I haven't been harassed nor harassed by a peer in the woods. (maybe next S.G.I.S.Con? don't worry, I will post more about this particular convention in another blog)
Another not-so-secret obsession is to be a nerdcore hip hop MC. Combined with the fact that I need a new phone (old phone is old) the fiance found this abominable app that would allow me to mix beats on the fly and spit rhymes to my i-box-o souls.
But yes, linkgasm aside, I remember back my parents told me to enjoy being young because I didn't know how good I had it. No, my parents made me well aware of how lucky I was, and as such I have continued to -Not grow up-. To the point where my theatre mentor, V-A, nicknamed me Peter Pan, and the group of my friends at "Ehouse" were dubbed my lost boys.
Often enough it is merely the balance of meeting responsibilities and refusing to be hindered by what is considered childish or silly. In many things in life (relationships, business) confidence is key. The mantra "be yourself" or even Polonius' "this above all, to thine own self be true" resonates across the ages. Even if he was kind of a weaselly little bugger (played by Bill Murray in a horrible modern version of Hamlet). Lessons I still haven't learned, I know, but that's why we seek to emulate the things we value. Otherwise we would all be perfect, and if art has shown us anything it's that a perfect world is a BORING world.
Hrrm, distractions, I lost my groove. More on this later.


  1. Trust me, you don't want rush the whole gowing up and being an adult thing, that was my greatest mistake in life and I am still paying for those decisions now. It's not worth wasting these years away when you can enjoy them and not have to answer to anyone.

  2. Definitely, I have no desire to attempt mature things, (spawn, buy a house, "settle down") before I feel I am absolutely ready for them, but I do find that things I am ready for are very appealing. (I had 4 years + 9 months to plot my proposal to Theatreg33k and have people talk me out of it before I followed through, more on this in another post). I think I'm focusing more on a dialogue (or monologue, heh, it is a blog . . hrm . . lots of "og" weird) about the challenges of being a legal adult, but living for oneself through desires regardless of how "grown up" they may be.Oooh, i like that, I think I'll expand upon that later.