Thursday, June 4, 2009

Nicknames (blog name)

In reference to the people in the post about my blogs name.
Mjerk: the name we most often called him by started with an "M" and he and Jjerk both prided themselves on being the smartest of asses, with whom I honed my more viscous skills against the forge of my nerdrage. At the time, he lived with his single mom, receiving the bulk of his dad's child support checks, he always had the coolest toys, the best box, and during, not school, the latest hours. Last I heard of him he was attending -Local JC- in his area.
Jjerk: similar situation, "J" was the main initial used, and he was proud of his ability to win an argument, usually by not making sense. "I win because my brain is a computer and you can't outhink a computer so that's why I win." Mjerk hated this argument with a fiery passion. Jjerk was a, well, redneck, and being a geeky, football playing redneck, I always respected him for not being anything he wasnt. These two were heterosoulmates. Dont know what became of Jjerk after high school.
FeetRcold: Yet another a-hole from my past, he attended a different High school than we did, but J-jerk knew him from elementary and he trickled into our gaming group. red headed and lispy, FeetRcold was a stereotype incarnit for nerd, president of the computer club at his high school. When the lot of us went to stay at my great grandmothers for the Ren Faire there, we came back fromt he first day tired and pleased. we were outside in the back yard, evening, hanging out, drinking our over caffinated drinks of choice (Bawls, Jolt, Surge, Code Red) and a few of us we're barefoot, summer was on the wain and so it was just right outside. Earlier that day we had a blast at the Faire, we looked around, Mjerk commented "it's like you expect elves to be jumping accross the trees, its awesome." So, it was night, the full moon was out, one of us noted how bright it was, and how awesome the day had been and that we were gonna go back the next day. We shared a silence, started to take it in, and then a voice muttered, "mah feet are cold" and broke the moment. Mjerk, Jjerk, and myself began to chase FeetRcold around the back yard and pummeled him with whatever can or bottle we had in hand. from then on, anytime he tried to get serious on us or build suspense in a game one of us would chime in, "yeah, but than my feet were cold."


  1. Mjerk still lives here in Manteca, we see him quite often around town and he hangs out at my best friends house wuite often still role playing... Don't know where everyone else went off to...

  2. That makes sense, we haven't kept up since, whew, S.G.I.S.Con 1. Just one of those drift things. I'm sure we could still hang out and reminisce, but I'm sure we both have other things going on.