Thursday, September 3, 2009

3rd 4 t3h NRRD!, Sept. '09

Layin it down this month!

Jesse Dangerously!

Dude's got some serious lyrical agility. He has a low, gravely vocal sound the bounces around. First time I heard this artist it was as a collaboration on MC Frontalot's Nerdcore Rising album, on the title track Nerdcore Rising. (and while I'm shamelessly linking things with the same name, how bout a movie titled Nerdcore Rising. and if you know me IRL, ask me to borrow my copy!) I sought him out and was continually impressed by his skill. A "healthy" white dude, form Canada?! (Damn, that's a lot of Front in a post about Jesse . . I'll try to stop) This was awesome. He uses pleasantly obscure references and has a much dirtier, no not dirtier.... pure? . . honest, how about true, yes, a true feel to his rap. He is throwing down fast paced rhymes about things he's passionate about to back beats. True geek rap if I ever heard it.

Like some other artists I've partaken of, he can be a little flat when he tries to harmonize, and often this turns me off to a rapper. I am of the silly belief that music(i.e; hip hop, rap) is musical, not spoken word against music, that's a form of poetry, and although the lines often blur in this musical world, I keep the two separated in my mind for what I'm in the mood for. Jesse is different. He has an excellent sense of timing and can keep pace with a track, very well. And if he has more to say then the loop has time for, he can STILL fit it in with tempo trickery. He's . . almost like MAGIC!.

He's very clever and I'm sure if you were to bump any one of his collection down the main drag, people would mistake you for a normal G, rollin . . that is of course, until they actually listen to some of the lyrics.

What else can I say about this kat form the frozen north? He collaborates with countless other names in the genre, and is respected ( [start quote] "i only like one [nerdy rapper] and will say his name quite happily. Jesse dangerously. he's good." - mc chris, nerdcore godfather[/end quote]) as such.
Stick some of his deliciousness in your ear, and if you share any sort of musical taste with me(which, if you're still here, might be accurate) you can definitely appreciate his skill.

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  1. Thanks so much for all the kind words!

    Singing in tune is something I've been working toward... still not my strongest suit, heh. But hey, I just recorded a collaboration with Bryan Lee O'Malley of "Scott Pilgrim" comic book fame, and I used autotune for that (it's rhetorical, I hope it makes sense if you listen to it?), so at least I'm not flat there.

    Check it:

    thanks again!