Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Dangling From the Wagon

Well, devoted readers (all 3 of you), I managed to keep a steady stream of deliciousness up for about 3 months before I flagged. This is a blog about the status of the blog.

Lament or rejoice (however you feel) this is not defeat, only an update, the blog will march on. I am theatre person and the "show" must go on! (Shakespeare In Love, "It will work! How? I don't know. It's a mystery." On a total shameless tangent, in my Science, Religion, Magic, class, one theorist proposes that humans first result to science, then religion, than lastly, magic. Theatre is a great example of this. How do we put up a show? First, we set up and follow the instructions by the book. Something goes wrong? We pray and hope it will get fixed. Still no? Finally, we resort to superstition and strange rituals to explain and resolve. *looks around* Say hey, look where we ended up. Okay, back to the "not being able to write" portion of this essay . . .)

I currently have about 3 to 5 blogs sitting in the edit file, all of them succulent and juicy, ready to be devoured by you (all 3 of you) the hungering reader.
Subjects include the story of my Proposal to T1nk, an in-character narrative, an observation on RP geek superstitions, as well as reviews on "Melody of Oblivion" & "9." (heh, looky that. Five ideas. Cool.)

Anyway, nerdlings, thank you for hangin' in here with me, and if you havnt already availed yourself of some of the back log posts, I highly reccomend that you partake of them . . . all except for T3h R4n7s. stay away from those. Bad tings mon, bad tings.



  1. Flagged?? Half the stuff I've read isn't as "naughty" or "inappropraite" as some of the stuff I've posted on myspace or deadjournal over the years. But maybe I just have my mind in the gutter all the time now and can't think of normal things to be flagged,lol.

  2. Hey kudos to you man. Even if you don't have proper blog update ready it's good to the reader to put SOMETHING up so that they don't feel forgotten. I look forward to your next awesome update.

  3. Totally, This is why I did it, and thanks for stopping by. See you at next game "steve."

  4. "Flagged" as in lessened or drooped a bit. Oddly enough I haven't found much to be obscene about as of late. How odd. I suppose my usual perviness is derived of actual social situations. Like last night . . (hehe . . see?) yeah, lots of gems at "pub" night.

    Stay tuned!