Monday, August 24, 2009

Bosun Trent's Two Haul

(Yet another sampling of my nautical themed verse, penned at our weekly Pub outing.)

"Bosun Trent's Two Haul"

Attend, ye dogs, call back, one and all!
(Callback) - Timmeh whey heave one and haul!
Think of the girl you left in port, for good or for foul,
- Timmeh whey, pull m' boys, till the winds howl!
We need to get home lads, put your backs IN
- Timmeh whey backs into it, or we'll have to pull agin!
Keep on it, buckos, steady and true!
- Timmeh whey, HA! Easy call for you.
Till we all get there, or till we all die!
- Timmeh whey, to the deep blue then, says I!

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