Tuesday, August 18, 2009

WoW: Cataclysm & 2 cents

Holy cow . . no really. Tauren priests! Sorry, I'm getting ahead of myself.

This particular post feels like I am spitting into the wind in the middle of a hurricane, but, as of right now, that's kind of what my blog is anyway. But that's okay. I feel that my opinions and topics are interesting or entertaining and believe others would like to hear and discourse, so here it is . . .

If you play World of Warcraft, and, at least walk into a capitol city, and then actually look up at trade chat . . okay, never mind then, I'm losing people . . .

Officially, Patch 3.2.2 is revamping old content, and unofficially the WoWers wait with bated breath to see if the rumors are true . . again . . .

So, with Blizzcon basically tomorrow we wait, nails in teeth to see if its all true. Some wait nervously because they wish it to be, others, because they gripe and flame. Me? Both.

I would love to see the race expansions, seeing Gilneas opened (read the third post down, typo on YEAR, but I was in line inside the con for the Blizzstore they have [who wasn't? ask t1nk sometime] at the '08 Blizzcon when the entire con groaned at that quote.) Will be bomb, getting goblins as a playable race has been a dream of mine since seeing THIS VID (that's right, Manager Rob breaks it down, uh! / dance for bustin moves! ). As for playable race/class combo's, I always wanted to play a Hunter Forsaken, as well as I'm of the RP school that believes that if it can be explained it should be possible, so, I'm okay with expanding the race/class combo's.

My problem, with the official as well as the unofficial, is what about the classic situation? they've done it once with Naxx, they moved it from above Strat to northrend, BUT, its the same instance, just revamped, and I'm okay with these, just uneasy.
If the Cataclysm actually rips Azzeroth a new one and twists, changes, even DROWNS an entire zone, I don't wholeheartedly support it. I have a number of toons at various levels across a few different realms, and although I have been concentrating on my main, I know I enjoy leveling a character and being able to pick and chose what zone and how, and I enjoy every zone for one reason or another (yes, even barrens).

I have a love/hate relationship with the revamping old content, I know, I'm repeating myself a bit here, I guess what I really mean, is that I wish Blizzard would set a precedent and stick to it.
Okay, Ony, Naxx, got revamps and the overall integrity of the storyline and instances themselves were maintained. What about the other old, and not-so-old raids? Are all of them going to get a buff? Is this something we can expect from Blizzard? If so, I hope it is in order to maintain the experience of the raids, not just to recycle content.
But what about "progressing" zones and instances? Instanced zones in Northrend are interesting and fun, but can be very annoying when you have lowbie friends or friends who don't level quite as fast as you and you cant help them or relive the same areas with them without leveling a toon in tandem. More to the point, Clearing Gnomer and giving it back to the gnomes?!?! WHOA! I know everybody makes that joke at some point in WoW, but honestly, if you clear it and give it back, do the darkspear trolls get a whole new "city" off the coast from Sen'Jin village and the entire Echo Isle/Zalazane quest line disappears, not to mention the quest line that leads Horde into Gnomer and gives them fun and exciting quests and some gear any leather wearer can use for a good 20 levels. Crap, tangent, but at least its a supporting tangent. (why does that sound dirty? just me? very well, moving on!)
*researches and rereads info*
I guess I am just an old salt player, well, no, I AM an old salt player. "Friggin blizzard dropping mount requirements and gold prices!? GAH!" I have uttered this phrase many times and many like it. I just like the idea of always being able to go back no matter what and doing the old stuff, unless of course, the world will become a CONSTANTLY shifting and living world, whereas, right now, its a bouncing in and out of comma's with signs of life in some places yet regression in others. I mean, look at Outland, It was the BOMB for like one year, than Northrend hit and it was forgotten. At least the old 50-60 zones had a couple years to establish themselves and have sentimental value to most players. At this point, Outland is just kind of sad. I would like to see revamps there as soon as this patch is live. Heh. I feel bad for outland.

Alright, do I have anything else I want to say about Cataclysm: The Myth, so far?
Yes, but all of it is even MORE knee-jerk reaction and I can hold it till we find out officially. Here's hoping, for what I want to play.

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