Sunday, February 7, 2010

3rd 4 t3h Nrrd: Feb. '10

Kabuto the Python is a mythical beast 50 feet long covered in spiky scales. Or something like that. He might also be MC Frontalot's bad alter ego as some theories have suggested. But whether these two pieces of trivia are true, what is true is that this Guy Fawkes mask wearing, hat-core, dirty sounding, star wars referencing nerdcore artist has skills.

A member of Scrub Club Records Kabuto has been laying down steam since around '07. A constant contributor to Rhyme Torrents, I also grabbed his Parsletongue album as soon as it was available for download.

He's got a gritty sound, hes got great flow, his lyrical style has just enough twists and turns that I cant come up with what his next rhyme is gonna be, but still enough cussing to keep that smack talking vibe that not only comes from the street but chat rooms, Ventrillo, and X-Box Live.
I get the feeling Nerdcore is what Kabuto is living. Some people flame and bitch about his mask, his style, his unsolicited grudges with other recognized geeks. I think they need to lighten up. Maybe its that plastic grin painted onto his mask but I get the feeling its all good to The Python. He gets down in the trenches of forums and V-blogs on youtube BACK! And He fully embraces his persona as a big bad mutha-fuckin rap snake machine thing. I may be an RP sucker, but I respect someone who sticks to character. On top of that, all that I've seen of him has been . . . real. If you can ever apply that to a Nerdcore Rapper who wears a mask and wont give his "mortal" identity. I mean, he's not cruel, yet he wont think twice about coming down on you if you talk shit, and hes not malicious even though he will carry a grudge until he finishes it. Maybe I'm not totally explaining this correctly, but hopefully you get an idea. This speaks to me as loud as a good mix and some fast words.

I will keep my eye on Kabuto The Python, even if it's only to keep from being swallowed whole!

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