Monday, June 24, 2013

Beat That Poor Passed on Equine

I have a much longer post in shambles of an outline that this sort of thing was supposed to cover in great detail, perhaps even some sort of mega arc post that would span several pages.

But I came across a post on a friends tumbler and I had a small thought and felt I needed to elaborate on it in some way that was public.

And I know we see these sort of things and this sort of post ON tumblr, twitter, Facebook.
But this is my platform, my soapbox so here is where it shall be.
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But the thought that I had was this.
The "fake geek girl" and "Girly geek" and "cosplay is consent" panels . . . yes, they are exhaustive, sometimes it seems like you can only cover the same topic so many times, "yeah yeah, get over it"
But you know what? No.
Keep hosting it, keep discussing it, keep telling the stories and never believe it doesn't make a difference.

When I was growing up we had the anti-drug campaigns. And we got that propaganda drilled into our heads, "say no to drugs" and now that I'm older, I know that certain, perfectly legal things, are arguably, more dangerous than things that are illegal, but I have come to my own conclusions on that as I've grown. But I believe, that as a result of those campaigns, I stayed away from many substances, legal and otherwise, not out of fear, but out of the education of them. The constant discussion, the knowledge, kept me from going down paths I might have explored had I not had that information available to me.

I think it's the same way with Equal Rights (any variation thereof, and there are a lot. some more relevant to this conversation than others) and that the more we discuss these things, the more conscious we will become of them, and that others will stay conscious of them, and those who grow up after us will look at these things and say "wow, look how silly they were back then. Well, some of these things are cool, but dude, did they have a skewed perspective" much as we do to our past today.

So I guess it comes down to education, as much of my life is centered around. Education and the nurturing of critical thought. Otherwise you are an ignorant animal controlled by emotions, not the enlightened creatures we masquerade as.

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