Saturday, December 4, 2010

That Old Song and Dance

yes, 3rd 4 teh nrrd is late, and postponed, as well as Tuesday the 7nth's post, Due to Homework. (no, not cataclysm as I had hoped, but homework.) Hopefully this will be the last time due to homework as this should be my last semester and I will receive my Bachelors.

Despair not, h47ities, for as compensation, I will post two nerd-music things this month as well as try to get a meme-orable up along side a Tuesday post AND

a special event.

Thanks to TRFT Independent at SJSU
we will be having a screening of both Nerdcore for Life & Nerdcore Rising, a Nerdcore Listening hour, some refreshments, and a special performance of "F.T.W." a very short nerdgasmic play written by myself.

SJSU, HGH 226 @ 5 pm till 10pm (or later, sometimes things run long)
Be there if you're a square!

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