Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Stay Tuned

I know, almost two full weeks since my last update, BUT STAY TUNED! In this blogs future there is a comic blog, a twitch feed blog, two different blade blogs and a blog about how burritos can effect level progression. A couple of them may be combined into the same blog but trust me, ther is content, I just need to finish a few things, LIKE

Updated Presentation for
"Is It Real?" a Blade Basics panel at Fanime!

Full presentation & playlist for
"? in the h47!?" Nerdcore 101: a geeky rap primer at Fanime (with tentative special Guest Rai Kamashiro )

A Presentation to pitch a small Nerdy variety show to include Nerdcore covers, some excerpts from my Nerdy Musical "D20" (which is finished minus some music), a "space laser sword" fight, and my one act "F.T.W."

More on that later!

Thanks for hanging in there h47ites!

If you're like "I WANT FUNNIES h47! then click down after the break for some goodies!

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