Tuesday, April 23, 2013

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So far I am very intrigued by the new Guardians of the Galaxy thanks to this snipet

But I'm STAYING hooked for Rocket Racoon & Groot!!!. My new fave comic bromance!
I'll be honest, I didn't know much about them, so I asked one of my coworkers for the low down. Apparently Groot drops his catchphrase because "sometimes it makes him bigger" SO of course I ask, "so does he just sit in the bathroom going 'groot groot groot grootgrootgroot' ?" We were unable to come up with a reasonable answer.
Great, now I need to put a half ent and a space marmet next to my psychopathic regenerator and my cajun gentlemen pyro thief.
Oh comics, you crazay.

I made some poor choices at the end of a 1 year hiatus D&D campaign. i.e. my characters running away when the sky opened up with demons and I did not realize the crazy sky giant lord and an older copper? bronze? Brass? were apparently hardcore enough to help seal the rift. SO I had to be like "my leyline drood is soooo attuned to the planet I realize there's still a chance and I come back" but I STILL had to leave before the final battle so I'll have to find out later what happened.
(You know it's your character when you start a sentence in the third person and slip into the first)
Otherwise, I threw two adult bronze dragons at my friday group. Managed to drop the caster but the monk and the monsterous barbarian who is "3-5 levels behind" didn't take anything close to "dangerous amounts of damage" and in inadvertent revenge, the caster kept dropping aoes on my kobold army that was put there for flavor, so I had to GM magic rez them so they could get up and begin worshiping the barbarian.
Yes, I know, Metallics are typically good aligned, and these two were, but in our setting morality lines are a lot more grey, PLUS I never said the PARTY was good aligned, did I? It has been a challenge, I assure you.

Also, I know I'm working on a musical because I wake up with the soundtrack playing in my head and it's would be annoying but it helps me remember the choreography so I can judge what needs tweaking.
I'm starting to wonder if working on anything creative inspires you because I wouldn't say it's particularly inspiring, yet, we're working on it, it should be awesome and fun. But I am getting the jones to work on different things and I find it in odd proximity to my newest project.

AND, yes, I am playing Majora's Mask. Because I have a problem. No, I am not playing Bioshock, even though we own it, no I'm not watching Serenity Finally because I watched all of Firefly but for some reason never got around to watching the movie, no I am not transcribing my musical to the word doc like it needs to be, because I have a 64 bit fantasy J-origin PROBLEM!
See yall after 3 days *Wink*

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