Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Mad Animation Game

Hey guys are you ready to hear things you probably already knew were true?
Okay: The New Eva is AWESOME but my overdeveloped sense of nostalgia won’t let me say it’s better than the original series and movie, Archer is probably the best animated TV series out of the U.S. intended for a “mature” audience, and Big O is one of the best slash-fics to ever be produced.

For real though, when I started watching Neon Genisis: Evangelion 1.11 at Fanime a couple years back I was like “oh cool, a remake in ‘movie’ format with some touch ups, that’s cool.” I had NO IDEA!! Like an idiot I walked out and didn’t realize until a year later that it was a reboot/retelling/reimagining. It’s so good. I like how they upped the pacing to match the movie format and just SHOW/tell you some of the things you’re supposed to figure out. Although, in retrospect I did a lot of research after watching the original so I might just be that READY for the show. And of course the fanservice is really nice, although there was a time or two when I thought to myself “if this is fan service, it’s kind of fucked up . . . yup, it’s EVA. Hawt.”
I found myself trying to guess how they would do certain things as I was trying to mentally account for promo’s I had seen and fanart I had come across. And then at a certain point in 2.22 (I’ve only watched 1 & 2, I’m waiting for 3, like most of the U.S.) I gave up entirely and just started watching and enjoying. It was excellent.

As for Archer, I would always watch when I caught a random episode here or there and found It thuroughly entertaining, as did T1nk. Then, at some point the discussion to cosplay as characters from the show came up, as I love “easy” cosplays, or at least cosplays that are similar to what I wear on a regular basis (dress shirts, ties, slacks, lab coat/dress coat). Next thing you know I got netflix playing through every episode.
So good. Ants, danger zone, yuuup, Woodhouse, Stirling’s obsession with Burt Reynolds, as well as his sweater fad. The breast cancer arc as well as the Russia Arc really put me in touch with the characters and there was one twist/gag that I was JUST on the edge of being REALLY upset about, but I really got the feeling I was investing too much in the show, and the show simply reminded me what kind of story it told.
I can see if people are put off by the art, or maybe the gags aren’t their bag, and maybe someone would be even more put off then I, but I guess that’s why I love it. It pushes all my buttons just right.

Finally, I watched the first few Episodes of Big O, up to ep. 5 I think. Man. I like it, it tickles all sorts of nostalgia buttons. It's got that jazz/blues soundtrack that reminds me of Cowboy Bebop, as well as some of the songs have an early nineties feel that take me back. The art style has that great art deco flavor that's part noir, but for me, mostly reminds me of Batman the animated series. So far it's got a gothy android chick with snark, something I have a soft spot for, snarky goth ladies, less so androids, and a recurring lady who is also entertaining. Of course giant robots, but some of them have mystery to them, it's quite engaging, if sometimes predictable, although not too blatant, there has been a good twist or two. There's also a great overall mystic? magic? metaphysical? weird? theme largely thanks to the whole "everyone has amnesia from about half a generation back, but sometimes people remember, for no reason." I dig it. For T1nk & I it is now our "we watch this together and aren't aloud to watch it without the other" (along with Strip Search, oh man, soo good) so we will see when I get to watch more.

Oh yeah, want to watch along with me, so to speak, Eva 3.33 DVD is supposed to be released the 24th of this month and Archer has up to season 3 complete on Netflix, season 4 started on my birthday of this year, so HA! And as for Big O, it's a fourteen year old anime, you're on your own on that one.

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