Friday, April 12, 2013

MemeOrable: Deadpool Veme

So, Deadpool is awesome. 

If you don't feel this is true, I'm not sure we can ever be friends if you don't understand how Deadpool can NOT not be awesome. Failing this, Chimichangas.

Also, Con's are usually a lot of fun, if you do them right at all. SO, let us mix the two, thank you D. Piddy

DP V Fanime 2012, cause I was there . . .

DP V Comic signing cause I listen to the two guys who write that Deadpool title play D&D all the time.

DP V WonderCon Anahiem 2013 Cause UP TO DATE THAT'S WHY!

And in the words of my fave hero often mistaken for Spiderman . . .
"Bang Bang! BANG! BANG! Bangbangbang bang!"

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