Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Punk -tuation & PAX East 2013 twitching

This is being written on a word doc because I don’t know what these shenanigans are with the wifi. Although I don’t think there is wifi. Apparently I complain too much.

Anyway! Sorry about the unscheduled Hiatus. Still working on my new schedule acclimation since I’m inconsistent at The Nerd Store plus adding districts to my Substituting pool.

But enough of all that “stalker fuel” lemme get into some nerdy shit shall we!? (Speaking of nerdy. You know that that symbol – “!?” has a name!?! It’s called . . . an Interobang. Isn’t that awesome? It’s called what it looks like, sort of, but maybe a bit backwards, cause it’s all like “BANG! Exclamation point! And then Interrogation – question mark?” Awesome right? I still don’t think it beats the ampersand for me though. Love me that “and” symbol. Ha! Never ending tangent time . . .

Speaking of ampersands, that reminds me of Tycho from Penny Arcade ‘cause he got a large sort of paperweight/book-end/desk ornament of a large ampersand statue. And being one of my favorite wordsmiths, or should I use wordwright, well I guess wright doesn’t work so well as a wright creates the thing whereas a smith forges things out of other things . . . hrmm. Well whatever, I was watching the PAX East Twitch feed of the first Q&A and there was a great little occurrence at 1 hour & 30 mins . . .
Yay new words, right? Alright, tangent over.)
Well, I guess that was purdy freakin Nerdy, right?
While we’re there I might as well mention how you should watch the “make a strip” panel from day 2 morning and then the concerts lateron in the same feed. Frontalot rocked it, followed by JoCo rockin a lot of myfavorite hits it was the bestest, then Paul & Storm did their thing. And THEN, I still need to watch the day 3 feed specifically for the Lady Panel (I am all over the whole “nerd girl” issue and still ravenous for more insight) followed by the day 3 Q&A with Gabe & Tycho.
As a matter of fact, lets watch it together shall we?

Watch live video from PAX East 2012 on TwitchTV

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