Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Again. Again? Again!?

 Since my WoW account is temp disabled, I found myself playing Ocarina of time . . . again. I know. It's just so good though! But you knew that. Now I'm debating going on to Majora's Mask . . . you know, just cause. Well, also because I really should get on that whole "working with my buddy Moose to come up with racial stats and other Pathfinder friendly mechanics so we can run a Hyrule setting Pen & Paper RPG game" and this would be great research.

And in other news that should not surprise anyone: I am hosting Panels at Fanime this year!!

Saturday, 8pm-10pm in Panels 4, "? in the H47!?: Nerdcore 101"
Where we will be listening to a little sampler and education presented and selected by yours truly as well as there is a VERY good chance for a special guest . . .

So, expect a Rai-healthy listening set. Spoilers.

And then! Once more, This Blog, in association with the Twilight Knights Renaissance Guild, presents:

Is It Real!?
Friday, 4pm-5pm in Panels 1
A blades basic panel on how to differentiate display from functional, cheap from high quality, and a little extra about steel info on top of all that.

So keep informed here, on twitter, or even on FB if you got me on there, I should have a MemeOrable done by the end of the week. But don't expect too much, as I mentioned earlier last week, EVA 3 hits on the 24th, and I'm not sure I can wait till Fanime to watch it. Just saying.

Oh yeah! Steam Powered Giraffe is also playing at Clockwork Alchemy that same weekend, I'll be hitting that up, you best believe. What!? You don't know SPG!? EDUCATE THYSELF!
Later H47ites!

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