Thursday, February 14, 2013


I am way more busy than I had any right to believe I should be this busy and I have like FOUR different posts I woul like to take the time to crack out. Two of them are about attending the NES in the West tour with MegaRan, DJ DN3, Doctor Awkward and URIZEN.

So, until I have more than 20 mins to dedicate to that, here are some things I've come across that are AWESOME!

Since it's technically Valentine's day I thought this would be cute, but honestly I would have posted it anyway because for some reason I could not stop grinning the entire time I watched it. Bravo!

This looks awesome and AFTER I finish writing the blog posts (so, who knows when) I will click through the links to find out more about this group. Until then, enjoy . . .

And finally, but definitely not the last time, I'm sure. HARLEM SHAKE!

I honestly can not get enough of these videos. . . Here's another

I think the sexy beat, plus the absurdity of the lone dancer doing "silly" moves, then the sudden pandemonium break at the drop. Maybe not, lemme double check . . . .

God that makes me think of Jubbles.
"Good job H47! You just missed the opportunity for an awesome MemeOrable!"
You shut your not-blog-writing-net-hole! I can STILL do a MemeOrable on this as I gave no more context then 3 awesome videos and some speculation. This dance comes from SOMEWHERE and so does that dance. So hA! Now I have FIVE posts that I wont finish. Thank you!

Thank you H47ites, for coming along. Hopefully next time in a "normal" post!

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