Friday, October 21, 2011

3rd 4 t3h nrrd: Oct '11

Worry not my Nerdcore Audiophiles, I still have artists to cover, but this month I don't feel I have the resources to do them justice. However, in their place I offer free beats I find excellent with an attempt at coherence. Ha, who'm I kidding. No attempt. Lets jump in shall we?

Doctor Awkward has a newish site. and almost ALL of his albums can be acquired HERE (yes, even his latest which asks for a donation, you can donate 0, but I donated more)
That Buzzin joint of "This is Not a Cover" is SO HOT, I listen to it at least 5 times a week since it dropped, I wake up with it in my mind.
I can't stop chuckling to myself or thinking to myself, "werd" every time I hear "Wish I Made That."
Grab ALL that DocAwk hawtness. DO EET!!
What Hater? Don't beleive me? Too much of a bitch to click through links? FINE, click this

if you don't believe me and listen to it while you keep reading. P.S. there's a hot track on his main page that's all DC flavored, just in time for the new Arkham City Game. Go, listen to it.

Klopfenpop has a HUGE selection of free, single track downloads HERE. Go snag some. At the top of the page (for all you haters who don't read) he blatantly says how most of his catalog is on that site for free. Enjoy. Oh yeah, He's also done beats for many artists across the board, includeing . . .

MegaRan, Yeah, He's kind of a big deal, and his ENTIRE album "Black Materia" is available for download in single track form HERE, OR, be cool and give him some cash to get a actual, physical copy. Madness, I know. Oh yeah, Did I mention he's on Tour with MC LARS, MC CHRIS and . . . .

ADAM WARROCK, Not Adam War, Not Adam WarCock, actually Eugene Ahn, But musically Rocks! For one mixtape Ive' been bumpin along all over the SillyCon Valley REP Left Coast Marvel. OR, a TON of single tracks all for the Libre (thats Free, as in "swag") plus two more albums and links to everything else HERE. But, Most recently he's been hypeing an EPIC MIXTAPE for all you space cowboys stickin it to the Alliance, SCREW "U" day! Here's a sample song,

but honestly, one of the tracks that REALLY tweaks my blood pumper is "Out of Gas (ft. Jesse Dangerously)". download HERE to hear what I'm talking about! The original soundtrack was masterfully mixed into fantastic beats. The messages are reverent and connected to the property. Apparently there was a critic-tweet about it being too heavy, and honestly, I can see where that came from, but conversely, it was a very serious story, it's just that the story was told so well that the characters came alive and were able to convey the humor in the pain. In summation, I believe there was EXACTLY the right amount of the same in the Browncoats Mixtape.

And YET ANOTHER crew that gets my head rockin like a night at the Roxbury is SOUP OR VILLAINZ. As they spit out music continually they keep their broke fans happy with awesome joints, such as the older Oxymoron: nerd/rapper & Ready To Fallout. and more recently, up on bandcamp with In the Streets (direct download) And Villainz Are Everywhere (Direct dowload) . What, need a sample? Needy bastards . .

Here, have more . . .

WHAT!?!? MORE!?!?!? Gluttoness Bastards, FINE!

Get pulling and I expect to hear some Nerdy beats in your town when I roll through, and NOT just from my ShenaniVan, ya heard me?

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