Saturday, September 3, 2011

3rd 4 T3h Nrrd: Sep. '11

Are you ready for an audio assault from the nerdy north west!? Like numerous fantastic geeky things, this cat is from Seattle and he goes by the awesome moniker Klopfenpop!Mr. Fenpop, Mr. Pop? Whatever. This dude is what most NEED to be to be anything on the internet as anartist, a jack of all trades. He mixes, spits, produces and collabs. You can hear him and his works all over the intarwebs. He VERY recently performed along side 1st Gen nerdcore Methuselah MC Frontalot & Mega-Ran. Check the Collab below . . .

Every single beat I've heard him lay down, I could bob my head to, in all of his live performances I've watched on Youtube, his flow is constant and his rhymes are clean and if he continues to put out content like he has been so far, he will maintain a spot in my top 20 nerdcore artists.
I know, I know, I use the Nerdcore Now Vol. 1 songs a lot on these, but lets be honest, they are good. Besides, this one is a short version and live. Enjoy!

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