Tuesday, September 20, 2011

But Then I got High

Quite the opposite actually. More like "and then I got low."
I have a few things in the pipe to post (like-ya-do) but as of last night I did not have the UMPH to thump away at the keyboard until a semblance of a post appeared, I would rather write something I might actually want to read later.
(I have noticed that often, maybe it's just narcissism, but when I dig through back posts to find something to show off or whatever, I will find myself READING my own posts and thinking "wow, this is GOOD." But then of course, who else would I appreciate the writing style of more, than myself?)
I will do my best to throw a "real" post up before midnight tonight and I have a couple Meme-orables, so there will be that thurs/fri at the VERY least.

Thanks for hanging in there with me H47ites!

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