Thursday, September 22, 2011

MemeOrable: "shuffle Meme!"

Like many nerds, my friends and I have ventured VERY far into the unique board game forest and have played and encountered amny crazy and odd games. Everything from the colossi like "Catan" and "Talisman," to the brand spankin' new "Orbit" and even, the ancient "Jurassic Park" & "Line in the Sand."
One of our most revisited and reverently spoken of games is . .  "Thousand Blank Cards."
I will admit that not only is this game great for its free form and potential for rampant shenanigans, it's one of my favorites because any time me and my smart ass friends want to show of our mental wangs, the cards provide a superb platform.
I was first introduced to it by my pal F33r3t (a proper Discordian) who showed me This Site, and ever since it's been a running gag/damn good time every time we've played.
A few excellent examples form one of my own collection/seed decks.
One of my favorite stories was back at an old Japan Town Anime Faire, a whole crew of us had got two rooms, one of our good friends and fellow SJSU alumna J.Rei had just won Anime Expo Idol and had been harangued into coming up to our rooms and playing a round of the game. A few hours had passed, (I think it was the next day by now) and Miss Rei had an even the next morning (that morning?). Of course she was going to attempt to bow out early, after one more turn. I believe she kept the card as I can't find it today, but I whipped one up right quick: "Attacked by Rabid Fanboys (the picture had a little dust cloud and some heads sticking out of it with a quote 'OMG ITS AX IDOL!!!') All voice actors must finish the game." This was greeted with hoots of joy, shouts of exultation and one good nature'd groan of defeat.

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