Tuesday, October 18, 2011

S.G.I.S.Con 6 Secondary Update

Time rolls on and the weekend of Geekends grows ever closer. As of today we are on track for our regularly Scheduled Shinanigans, However, as always, T1nk & I reserve the right to cancel the Con should things come up (such as shows & other things "blowing up").
Lake Gikswongonirmi, near SGISCon Main Site
In my vain hopes to follow a theme, I will move forward under the assumption this year will be Camp-centric.
So far visions of the following dance through my mind:
-Nightly Camp Fire: to include tales, songs and vague native American/patriotic rhetoric speeches
-Fat Camp Event (Eating contest? There is a sandwich shop & a pizza place just down the road)
-Merit Badges or Beads for different event completions (This I would SERIOUSLY need help with but I think could be a blast)
-Science Camp Event (I'm sure a few of you crazy kids have something a far blast better than baking soda & vinegar volcanoes)
-Arts & Crafts (Underwater Basket weaving actually sounds fun, maybe even 'paint your own miniature' tutorial)
-Official Pathfinder Society Sanctioned Game (click through the links if you have no idea what that is)

AND: Recap of the pertinent info:
Date: January 13-16 2012

Price: $25 "Standard Reg" $40 "Late Reg"

Reg dates: November 25 - January 6 "Standard"

January 7 - 16 "Late"

Thanks again to all of you for being the motley band of reprobates I love and I hope to see a whole mess of you there. If you need ANY further info, you should know how, or at least know someone who does know, how to get a hold of me.

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