Thursday, October 27, 2011

MemeOrable: Epic Sax Meme-sical Interlude

Epic SAX guy!
A musical phenomenon that I can't get enough of. Apparently, like many things our hive minds hook onto, this guys awesome grooves really rocked allot of people and has maintained a consistent power. 

Yes, Yes that IS a ten hour video of the ONE bit of music. Yes, some people on the internet are WEIRD and there are whole communities who have sent screen shots back and forth proving HOW LONG they were able to endure/enjoy the musical stylings. As Nerdcore Luminary YTCracker mentioned on this FANTASTIC REMIX, apparently his raiding companions on WoW would play it over vent while they engaged in end game activities.

While at Anime Expo this last year there was a wandering band of troubadors, one of which had a sexyphone, and the oh-so familiar tones wafted through the convention halls. It was glorious, and I can only imagine what type of rediculousness my own band associates might have gotten up to had we all been in school just a few years later. ah well, I'm old. heh.

But wait, There's MORE

 Yes, that just happened . . . Oh yeah. Does the song sound familiar but you've never seen this video before? Do you enjoy the audio exploits of Loveline? Well Guess what?! You're not crazy, well, at least not hallucinating . . .

AND, just for posterity sake, and becuase I beleive in aknowledging source material, The origional video.

You know, I kinda like the jam session at the end a little better. Enjoy!

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