Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Get a Steampunk RUSH in Your Head!

I've mentioned in the past, somewhere, I don't remember where, that I don't come into contact with NEARLY enough Steampunk things, so that I'm left with the vague impression that there are good Steampunk things, but I had not come across anything Steampunk that I came away thinking "AWESOME!"

Well, the wait is over, and something amazing has come.

Can you feel that Bass!?!?!
YES! YEAS! its a Steampunk album  by the epic rock band Rush that isn't a gimmick, they made the music because they felt like it. What part of that sentence does not hold great promise? Want some more? From there official Youtube channel?

But wait, there's more, if you thought that wasn't awesome enough . . HOW BOUT SOME FICTION BY NOTED AUTHOR AND FREIND OF RUSH DRUMMER/LYRICIST NEIL PEART, KEVIN J. ANDERSON!?!?!?! Imma-punch-you-in-the-dick is how awesome it is!!

I have attempted to chronicle the saga for you in order since February and you can follow Anderson's Blog HERE for continual KJA news. Oh yeah, and if you can't wait to read even part of it, Check the links above as they pertain to a free preview of the novel!

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