Friday, July 6, 2012


Imma shoot straight with ya H47ites. I know I'm behind on my 3rd 4 t3h nrrd, even though i have one researched, & I know my updates have been spotty and random. I know it sounds like I have a serious case of the Piro's Disease (see Trope  ) but honestly, Life has hit me in the balls harder than usual.
Dead car, sick grama, feeble mother who can't perform tasks needed to quell grama, rehearsal, fight directing at rehearsals, building set for rehearsals, work at a job where we HAD full strength but 3/4 of staff now have second jobs that prioritize over this one, leaving myself and the manager with the most flexible schedules, AND I HAVE A SHOW, plus trying to find time to take the CBEST so I can start a "real job" while I start on my Masters Degree. Oh yeah, and we're going to Comic Con next weekend and literally only have 1/3 the funds to pay for it all.
Sorry for the rant, but as per Joesky's law, here are cool things

HAwkings, has a sense of humor . . . .

The music itself lacks the "UMPH" of the original, but I do enjoy the whole thing on its own.

and . .  something I would have probabaly done if i'd had a camera when I was that young, cute

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