Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Take Initiative

While I was Hustling Hewing-Items at WonderCon, I had some propaganda pushed upon ME for a change, so I took it and stashed it for my usual Post-Con Research. As soon as I fired it up and did a bit of research on it, I was hooked.

Standard Action, yet another RPG Web-series, mixes excellent location scouting with a love and knowledge of the genre.

Joanna Gaskell, who plays the Elven Barbarian with a heart of gold, is the mastermind of the show.Not only do they have about a half dozen excellent episodes so far, they have some extra content in the form of a chuckle worthy Dating Service, great for extra flavor to the universe.

Only in production for a year so far (it appears) and an excellent stream of production during that time. And, if their self promotion is matched by their dedication to continue the series, this should be fun to watch.
(witty turn of phrase to do with initiative orders or number of actions you can take in one round)

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