Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Comin' From Space to Teach You

For those of you who are even less aware of current anime and what's going on in the Japanese animated world (not hard to do, but if you're around here than I know SOME of you [I'm looking at you two Japanese majors who still haven't translated my knife markings snickering with each other like two magical girls] might be a step ahead of me on this one, but nonetheless) I stumbled across something fairly awesome in my quarterly assault on the intarwebs in search of moving drawings from the Great Island that stimulate me in very particular ways (yes, sometimes like that, but not too much).
What, you may ask? As to explain what the hell I just said, no, but as to what I found . . .

An excellent short series collaborated upon by Subaru (yes, the car company) and Gainax. As to be expected, there is a plethora of symbolism and things named after other things to give weight and connectivity. To the jaded cynical mind one might see it as one long commercial for Subaru in a passive non-obvious name placement sort of way, but honestly, that only occured to me like, once, as I started watching it.
It's short, its cute, its looks fantastic, its from Gainax, its simple and it resolves itself more than some three season animes I've seen, so here it is below in it's entirety, should take less than a half hour to watch, do so.

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