Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Late But Not Out

So, I spent the day with my little sister, attempted to move her nerd along by lending her my PS2, a stack of games, and telling her I would loan her more once she beat a couple.

We saw Gnomio & Juliet and it was adorable, I might be biased but I don't care. Shakespeare voiced by Patrick Stewart, Elton John Exec. Producing and provide ALL of the music for the movie, a flaming STRAIGHT flamingo, and Lawn gnomes come to life, hard not to have fun. We we're forced to see it in 3D as all other showings were out of the time frame, not worth it, But see it, I give it AT LEAST 3 pointy beards/hats out of Five, up to five on a good day.

Then, I attended one of my fiance's rehearsals in order to meet one of my future fight instructors and perhaps pick up a couple new moves and as she alluded, start on my training hours in order to be fully certified ASAP. It was great, I learned a bunch of new moves, very enriching. It was nice to see a lot of the sensibilities I was using were correct but the moves were different from what I had been trained on. I'm still processing what might be "wrong" or just not what she was trained on.
It will be an adventure as I learn from different masters all over, hopefully making myself that much more versatile.

Thanks for sticking with me, I hope to have a couple more stimulating posts before the end of the month, maybe something Star Wars related, or maybe even something to do with my private projects.

See ya Space Cowboys.

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