Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Gamer Specifics

So, all love, we all get things confused and mix things up or have heard of things and associate them incorrectly. In an attempt to make some nerdy sense of unarguably nerdy visual media, I present a couple properties and hope to establish some new mental associations.

Gamers (sometimes -> ) The Movie
A movie from '06, this particular film revolves around a group attempting to break a world record for length of time playing a table top RPG.
This one is fun as the production value is quite clean. I recall it receiving mediocre-to-decent press and there is a good amount of resources to be found concerning the movie. Behind the scenes stuff and production clips around the net. For further resources, have their site, as well as IMDB, and of course WIKI, and . . . .

The Gamers
and of course,
The Gamers: Dorkness Rising
Journey Quest
I will admit, I still need to watch the original movie, The Gamers, but I have consumed, with great relish, the sequel, as well as their current web series, as you may already be familiar with it.
Dorkness Rising, last I checked was available on Netflix, and crazy entertaining as it somewhat just dives right into the culture without trying to explain too much, which I appreciate.
And of course, Journey Quest goes even farther by setting the whole thing IN a fantasy setting, no "RL" players, just ridiculous fantasy characters doing things you might guess they would get up to. As I've linked to JQ a couple times and you can already read a review, have some Dorkness . . . The Magical Quote is at 3:50

It would also seem Dead Gentleman/Zombie Oprheus/Epic Level have formatted the Movie into a Web series and left the last few episodes offline, or have not finished posting them in their entirety.

In any event, GO! ENJOY!
Oh yeah, there was a movie called Gamer, it was kinda big, mostly what I'm sure FPS's will become in the future, Running Man already did it though, and I find it more likely to come true than the FPS one, or at least before the other.

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