Friday, February 17, 2012

MemeOrables: Turning Japamemes

(my intent was to do my usual flowery intro and explanations, but when I opened the post to edit it, I laughed hard enough with just the small amount below. I will explain under the last video. Enjoy!)

Learn some fuckin, japanese. You Bitch.

Already Japanese? Learn some English, sexy like.

Great right? Still no Idea what's going on? Alright, lemme break them down for you. We've met the first guy in the past. I have no idea why I pay more attention when my teacher is belligerent and obscene. Maybe it's because I can turn him off at will.
The second video I was introduced to at Midnight Madness at Fanime. Some great stuff at 1 in the morning, yeah? The actual roots are from eBaum's World who, I believe found it from its ORIGINAL source Vermillion Night Pleasure. Try saying that in bad Japanese Engrish. Almost as bad as saying Lulu Lemon. Either way, I thought my pal Calamity Jane, might like that, since she's a Japanese major. Also, it's good to be Toshi. Eh? eh?

Let's use it constructively, you bitch!

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