Thursday, February 9, 2012

Memorables: Cook Meme Something

Hungry for some H47-tastic content? Maybe not? TOO BAD!! Everybody and your dad knows about Epic Meal Time. How Bouts some OTHER food people, eh?

First, I present . . . Some fuckin' japanese shit, but American's, in Japan, Cooking, fuckin' cat-meatloaf, so, fuckin' catloaf . . . you bitch. Put it in your eye.

So, now that we've covered that, how bout some OTHER people who  . . . love . . eating . . cats, in a sense. And also enjoy alcohol, a young lady who has won the hearts, minds and stomachs of most people I know, who've watched a single one of her videos, who of course, has guest appeared on EMT as well.

You want some more meal time? No, it's not epic, it's regular . . .  SWEDISH REGULAR MEAL TIME, much of it, IN SWENGLISH!

You know what I think about when I hear "Swedes?" Besides that famous jibberish spouting chef and meatballs & Ikea? Death Metal . . . Meh, I'm not that much of a downer.  I do like metal though, how about balck metal with rediculous fantasy blades . . and Veganism! Ah HAHAHAhahahah!!!! *Nathan Explosion voice* Enjoy, its good for your eyes, ears and body . . . metal. /end voice

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