Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Please Stand By

I am having a very busy month or so and if it continues I will consciously take some time out to tend to things I feel are very important in my life, such as this blog. I still want to put up a 3rd 4 t3h Nrrd for this month, as well as perhaps a couple memeorables to make up for the last couple weeks sparseness.
I appreciate all of you sticking with me right now and I very much am aware of the quality & quantity of my content (relative to what has been standard on this blog).
I only know a few of you personally who have been reading it form day 1, but I am constantly trying to think of ways to have you read old posts as I feel many of them are just as entertaining as the day I first typed them.
So let me be blunt at this point and recommend you check out my back log, perhaps there was a Nerdcore Artist you missed or try seeing what labels bring up, as I use them in a way I dont think Blogger intended.
Thanks again H47ites! Stay nerdy.

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