Thursday, August 9, 2012

3rd 4 t3h NRRD: Aug. '12

Dual Core
A Nerdcore staple and consistently producing & performing act since as far back as '07, these guys have serious roots into the joke "I'm from the Internet."
Int80, the raptastic half of Dual Core
Though dominantly only "evidence" of Int80 can be found as he is the one who rocks the mic, the duo's music is proof of Nerdcore's legitimacy as a musical genre, whatever the hell that means, or if any of us really cared.
Their sounds are clean, with tantalizing samples and compelling baselines. I love all of beats on the tracks I have ever heard from them. The sound is polished & finished, and that makes a huge impact when I listen to an artist.
The ever elusive c64, the beats half of the group.
The lyrics, the flow, the content, also fantastic. Everything from their debut content about fps' and webcomics, to some of their heavier tracks about the grind of life in tech, or corporate at large, with fantastic collabs with a slew of other Nerdcore players.

Overall, a very solid sound, group and discography, and should be a firm cornerstone of any Nerdcore collection.

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